Tuesday, 29 November 2016


Assalammualaikum and Hi guys!!! Look at my new look blog . cute isn't? i know right!!! hahaha Actually i got this template from blogger Afifi Jemat (http://www.afifijemat.com/) . Thankyou!! :)
i dont have any idea yet what to post HAHAHA because i am at my campus and it is quite uncomfortable thooo. so bye!! talk soon!! xoxo

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Budak Baru Belajar

Assalammualaikum and Hi there! 
As you can see above i mean the title of my post hahaha I dont have any idea though and i dont even know what to talk in this post  seriously guys this is my first post lol.  Lets just talk about this blog i mean MY BLOG haha. Okay, first of all, once again 'i dont know' why i decided to create this blog hmm not to say i dont know actually hmmm im not sure is more suitable i guess haha.  I think it is because im too bored at home because im on my semester break now like 2 weeks hmmm not really 2 weeks la because the other week is actually for orientation but i did not attend the orientation because im too lazy to attend and i feel like one week holiday for semester break is not enough for me to release the 'stress' from the final exam lol  basically i just stay home at my village on my holiday and theres only my mom and I. Before the semester break, i already made a plan what I will do on my break which is i want to watch korean drama and i used to skip a lot of episodes of my fav drama because at that time i want to focus on my final exam *lah sangat* BUTTTTTT i mean BUT i dont watch all the episodes that i was used to skip before/during the exam like what the heck i skipped a lot of scenes and i dont even know WHYY i dont feel like i want to watch those drama all of sudden and I just watch the ending of those drama of course *sigh*  okay im out of topic i guess SORRY lets get back to reality. As you can see my blog is kinda bored right? hmmm ikr! because I am BUDAK BARU BELAJAR haha not really la budak baru belajar i used to have blog like few years ago when i was around 13 or 14 y/o i guess and now im 19 but i dont know what happen to that blog because i dont remember a single thing about that hmm i just remember that I used to design my blog with domokun theme i mean like ALLLLL in my blog were domokun how funny what the heck am I doing at that time fml i feel like its just a piece of cake to design the blog at that time but this time as for today hmm i siap asking help from my friend lagi to teach me how to create blog and YES FINALLY i just created it by myself with a little bit help from google andddd thats why it looks hmmm not bad right? just kidding lol i know what it looks like and I will try harder to make it looks more interesting. okay thats all for today *dont even know if theres any readers yet* HAHAHA kbye xoxo!